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Sometime2011 in English

About SomeTime2011

SomeTime2011 is a unique gathering of Social Media Enthusiasts, which is now organized for the second time 10. - 11.6.2011 at Design Factory and Venture Garage of Aalto-University.

The preparation prosess is based on crowdsourcing. It's completely open and transparent. Participants are the co-creators of SomeTime2011.

We invite you to participate in the co-creation. Make SomeTime2011 a vehicle for fulfilling your dreams! Here are shortlisted some ways of participation:

  • Discussion list in this wiki (on the right of each page, headed Keskustele &ideoi). Add you name to the comment.
  • Join our Facebook group
  • Discuss on Twitter using hashtag #SomeTime2011
  • Participate in our planning meetings
  • And more.. suggest!

Don't hesitate to use English among Finnish texts. You could also ask for further help. We are glad to help you to participate. We are just on the way of getting international.

Some photos from SomeTime2010:

Some ideas - for adding international elements to the SomeTime2011 event in June:

  • Some Key note speakers in English


  • Some sessions / workshops / presentations / activities in English  - available during the whole event...


  • a remote session with other locations during some workshops - for example with RLabs people, in Cape Town South Africa  - MinLii asked if they would be interested to create some activities there, and they have agreed to participate - :-D  How - we will plan together....


  • a session related to Second Life -  Tim Gorree - could be asked to help in this...  - on-going ProViWo project could offer latest research results  ...  @MinLii contacted Tim via Facebook and he agreed to participate and also ask other to join in ... ProViwo team will have a seminar at the same time in Otaniemi, and they offered to share their meeting via SEcond Life, and open it up for interested participants  (Johanna  Haapamäki, Teemu Surakka)


  • a session related ot location based services & communities -  MinLii will contact Surya S Nair , now working for Nokia in Berlin, and ask if she'd be interested to participate


  • Social media and cycling - what do they have in common ? Can they benefit each other ? This might be good workshop theme for SomeTime2011  ...

Discuss & brainstorm

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I am very happy to join and get a SOMETIME 2011 Information.
Hoping to continue to get a second and second...
anonymous   (30.05.2011 23:41)